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Based in Singapore, SilverSea Asset Management is a Multi-Family Office with strong asset management capabilities

Founded in 2011 SilverSea Asset Management (SSAM) is a Multi-Family Office providing financial services and independent advice to qualified global accredited private clients (HNWI) and family offices. Our expertise in providing independent financial services and advice is strengthened by our resourcefulness and ability to collaborate with professionals across various disciplines to meet the financial needs of our clients.


We are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and hold a Capital Markets Services License CMS100457-1 under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act.




By listening to your needs and objectives, we are here to work with you to create a bespoke investment solution

Our Approach

Rigorous due diligence and evaluation processes are used for each investment opportunity. Understanding and managing the downside risk is essential in assessing investment opportunities and co-investing with our clients clearly aligns our interests.

Multi-Family Office

Our customised solutions, expertise and responsive service ensure that client needs like legacy planning, insurance, estate planning or real estate needs are met. We are able to coordinate and collaborate with professionals from the legal, insurance, estate, business, tax disciplines to provide for the scale of planning advice and resources required by High Net Worth Individuals.

Independent Advice

As Independent Asset Managers, we are able to share with clients interesting investment opportunities through our extensive network and access. We recommend investment opportunities that suit client's risk appetite and bring them one step closer to their financial goals.

Reputable Private Banks

Providing access to a suite of reputable leading private banks, clients can select and custodise their assets at a bank of their choice. We can provide advice in choosing the most suitable bank. Clients have full control over their accounts and are the sole owners of their assets. SilverSea only has Limited Power of Attorney for investment decisions.

Discretionary & Advisory Mandates

Our team will provide discretionary and advisory investment management services aligned with the client's risk appetite and long term goals. We will provide support in client's investment decisions and take care of the administrative aspects.




Diversification is Key

As periods of political and economic turmoil tend to provide little or no cushion for investors, we strongly believe that diversification is key. Through our investment philosophy, we create a personalised investment strategy for you, with the primary focus on generating an absolute positive return and selecting instruments according to their fundamentals and upside potential rather than benchmark performances.



To mitigate potential downside risk of individual client portfolios, we seek to hedge exposures through long and short positions on currency and indices, allowing for effective risk management.  


Established Relationships with Reputable Private Banks

Limited Power of Attorney

We have established relationships with a suite of leading private banks and clients are able to select the best banking platform that meets their needs. We are able to search for the best investment opportunities and ensure that our advice is independent and suited to our clients' financial needs.


Assets will be custodised at the chosen private bank, and clients have full control over their assets and remain the sole owners. SSAM takes on the role of an advisor, vested by clients with a Limited Power of Attorney. This can be retracted by clients at any time, offering full flexibility and control.

SilverSea Asset Management

Who we are

SSAM is represented by a diverse group of senior investment professionals.


We are able to leverage on our experience and strong global networks to best serve our clients' discerning financial needs, offering a stable and long-lasting partnership.

Thomas Anderegg
CEO & CIO, Founding Partner
Axel Ritter
COO, Founding Partner
Amy Chung
Yoad Reiter
Partner, Wealth Advisor
Antoine Foetisch
Partner, Wealth Advisor
Alvina Chow
Wealth Advisor
Veronica Yip
Wealth Advisor
Jerryln Chua
Management Assistant



3 Temasek Avenue
#18-22 Centennial Tower

Singapore 039190

+65 6950 0692

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