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Customising an Investment Strategy for you to generate an absolute positive return

Our utmost focus is on generating absolute positive return and selecting instruments according to their fundamentals and upside potential rather than benchmark performance.


We believe diversification is key, as periods of political and economic tension tend to provide little or no shelter for investors.

A holistic approach to risk is a cornerstone in building a tailor-made investment strategy for you. Through a deep understanding of valuations, global and regional macro environments, sentiment and technical analysis, each potential investment opportunity is thoroughly assessed.


To mitigate potential downside risk of individual client portfolios, we seek to hedge exposures through long and short positions on currency and indices, allowing for effective risk management.  


We pride ourselves in providing impartial advice and support to you. As a fully licensed Independent Asset Manager, our loyalties do not lie with the bank but with you.


Our team has navigated various market cycles and have garnered an in-depth understanding of the financial industry, both understanding potential upsides and their inherent risk. We believe aligning our interests with yours through co-investments is important.

SilverSea Investment Philosophy

  • Flexibility

  • Always insist on a margin of safety

  • This time is never different

  • Be patient and wait for the pitch

  • Being contrarian pays

  • Risk is the potential for permanent loss of capital, never just a number

  • Be leery of leverage

  • Never invest in something you do not understand

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