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Working with you to represent your best interest

Preferred Custodian Private Bank and Asset Management Agreement

As a customer of an Independent Asset Manager, you may elect to stay with your current custodian bank or select a bank of choice from a broad range of partners SilverSea Asset Management (SSAM) has relationships with. Subsequently, you will then sign the Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA) and Investment Management Agreement with SSAM. This agreement outlines our service level, fee arrangement, your risk profile and investment focus. All bank accounts will be set up under your preferred legal structure and as such, you will remain the sole beneficial owner. As a regulated manager, we are only authorized to give trading orders to the custodian bank and do not have the authority to give instruction for money remittance or transfer of assets.


In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, the Limited Power of Attorney may be revoked anytime at your discretion giving you full control and flexibility.


Independent Advice & Greater Flexibility

As a client of SSAM, you have access to our extensive range of investment solutions, providing you with more flexibility, independent investment advices and personalized services.


Clear & Transparent

We believe in clear and regular communication and will provide regular investment updates and market research if you so desire. Our fee structure is transparent to ensure fair dealing practices.

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