SilverSea Asset Management is a Multi-Family Office

Founded in 2011 SilverSea Asset Management (SSAM) is a Multi-Family Office providing financial services and independent advice to qualified global accredited private clients (HNWI) and family offices. Our expertise in providing independent financial services and advice is strengthened by our resourcefulness and ability to collaborate with professionals across various disciplines to meet the financial needs of our clients.


We are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and hold a Capital Markets Services License CMS100457-1 under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act.


Transparency. Clarity. Trust.


Transparency, clarity and trust are the key cornerstones to our business. Listening to and understanding client needs have been the foundation of our success. Open and honest conversations are key elements for a successful and sustainable partnership.


In a financial industry under pressure to deliver constant results and economies of scale, SSAM has the advantage and privilege of patiently servicing and advising a limited number of discerning clients.


Global network. Asian focus.


We are seasoned investors with a deep understanding of the financial industry. To implement our clients' personal investment strategies, we are able to combine our investment experience together with our extensive network of specialists and professionals.


SSAM has consistently followed a conservative investment approach, allowing us to protect and grow our clients’ wealth under diverse market conditions. Rigorous due diligence and evaluation process are used for each investment opportunity. Understanding and managing the downside risk is essential in assessing investment opportunities, while co-investing with our clients clearly aligns our mutual interest.


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