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By listening to your needs and objectives, we are here to work with you to create a bespoke investment solution

Our Approach

Rigorous due diligence and evaluation processes are used for each investment opportunity. Understanding and managing the downside risk is essential in assessing investment opportunities and co-investing with our clients clearly aligns our interests.

SSAM Discretionary Investment Portfolio

Silversea Asset Management (SSAM) will tailor a bespoke mandate according to your agreed investment profile. The portfolio is actively managed by our investment team with close oversight by the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in accordance with the in-house investment team and your objectives. Your dedicated relationship manager will provide regular updates on the activities and performance of your portfolio and remains your point of contact.

Based on your preference, Discretionary clients can select from a range of strategies either global, market or sector specific, fully customized towards your investment objectives.



This portfolio structure aims to invest in growth opportunities spanning global markets allowing us to identify suitable investments and diversify unsystematic risk across geographic regions and asset classes. This customizable portfolio strategy looks to invest in global equities, fixed income, commodities and alternative investments amongst other valuable ideas. Having access to the most promising asset classes, this solution is actively managed by experts with long track records. This global approach portfolio will allow you to see an appreciation of wealth.



This portfolio strategy, which is also available in an easy to access mutual fund format, aims to invest in global equities – with a theme-based focus that is fully customizable according to your specifications. This portfolio targets trends and significant growth opportunities, in a sector or niche market, to be successfully exploited and capitalized upon. Opportunities are carefully sifted based on their market environment, positioning and financial fundamentals.



This unique strategy is highly customizable and allows the portfolio focus to effectively exploit Asian market opportunities and capitalize on the region’s strong growth potential. Key SilverSea personnel have spent most of their careers in Asia financial markets, understanding Asian corporate culture and behaviour both on a micro and macro level.

•  Asian Pacific Multi-Asset Class Strategies

•  Global Equities (Theme-Based)​

•  Global Multi-Asset Class Strategies

SSAM Advisory Investment Portfolio

Your relationship manager will offer you investment advice, ideas and support in financial decisions. As an advisory client, you will always authorize the final decision on the investments, requiring your consent to every trading instruction that is made on your behalf. We will liaise with the bank on the best execution and transaction processes.​

SSAM Global Navigator Fund

The SilverSea Global Equity Navigator fund(LI0355534335) is designed to exploit the secular growth opportunities latent in global mega-trends by investing predominantly in small and medium-sized companies with high exposure to these themes. It seeks to combine the benefits of a concentrated portfolio invested in a limited number of holdings with a top-down driven allocation overlay to enhance returns and mitigate risks, while remaining flexible and opportunistic in order to exploit similar opportunities in large cap companies and select special situations. The fund’s goal is to achieve capital appreciation for its investors.


The SSAM Global Equity Navigator will:

✓ Employ top-down analysis to identify the strongest mega-trends and optimum asset allocation

✓ Use screening and fundamental, bottom-up research to identify attractively valued opportunities

✓ Build an attractive return profile by using allocation to enhance returns and manage risk

SSAM Actively Managed Certificate

SilverSea Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) (CH0292576516) aims to provide a low volatility and liquid investment opportunity for investors. With its low barriers of entry, it provides a valuable solution for effective portfolio and risk diversification with significant potential upside. The SSAM AMC was launched in 2012 and has been delivering absolute positive performance throughout the market cycles.

Multi-Family Office Capabilities

Our customized solutions, expertise and responsive services ensure that your needs such as legacy planning, insurance, estate planning and real estate needs are met. We coordinate and collaborate with professionals from the legal, insurance, estate, business and tax disciplines to provide for the scale of planning advice and resources that you might require.

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